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Technical Specs
Technical Information and Specifications

Digital File Specifications
Accepted media: ZIP, CD, DVD, Floppy disks, FTP Site (call for info)

Proportions: Set up files at final output size or proportional to final output dimensions. Indicate crop marks.

Resolution: Optimum resolution is 300 dpi at final output size.

Colors: Raster images can be in RGB or CMYK. All other files must be CMYK. Specify any critical color matches. Exact color matches may not always be possible due to the limitations of the material.

Fonts: Outline fonts if possible or include both screen and printer fonts.

Files: Save all files in an editable format. Include all support files. Only send files needed for production. Save each layout as its own file. Include a proof of the final layout.

Programs: Illustrator, PhotoShop, QuarkXpress, Freehand, In Design.

Send ZIP, CD, DVD, Floppy disks to:
Great American Stock
1375 North Barker Road
Brookfield, WI 53045

Or Via FTP. Call 1-800-624-5834 for FTP site instructions.
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1375 N. Barker Rd.Brookfield, WI 53045tf. 1-800-624-5834