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Foods To Go
There are 15 images available
s2-8 Chinese Take Out
s2-36a Fried Rice To Go
s2-38a Chicken Chow Mein To Go
r3-29a Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni To Go
r3-31a Fried Chicken Dinner w/ Potato Salad To Go
r3-30a Fried Chicken Dinner w/ Cole Slaw To Go
r3-32a Fried Chicken w/ Macaroni To Go
r3-33a Macaroni & Cheese To Go
r3-34a Fruit Platter To Go
s6-26 Salad To Go
c5-4 Chicken/ Paper Tray
9hc-as29 Take Out Foods
t5-1a Cold Drinks/Vending Snacks
t5-2a Cold Drink/Vending Sandwiches
b7-32 Sandwiches To Go
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